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Who We Are:

Ian N Grindey
Structural Engineer 

Ian Grindey is an enigma of the structural engineering world. Whilst undoubtedly a talented professional of the highest calibre, his picaresque appearance and defiance have, thankfully, kept him off the management ladder and firmly at the sharp end of innovative and creative structural design. 


Ian has been the lead structural engineer on several multi-million-pound construction projects since the mid 90’s, often managing small teams of engineers and technicians to deliver buildings from concept through to completion. Projects such as, Liverpool Airport Terminal Building, DSS offices Washington Tyne & Wear, Liverpool Hilton Hotel, and the Manchester University Biomedical Research Building being among the most prestigious. Ian has also played an influential role in the design of the following projects: Reading Football Club Stadium, Melbourne Docklands Stadium, Asian World Expo Building – Hong Kong International Airport. 


Ian has been influential on a couple of ‘Northwest Construction Award’ winning design teams and is a 2020 Structural Timber Award Finalist. Ian has also bagged a couple of ‘firsts’ in the form of the first straw bale building in Manchester (as confirmed by Manchester Council Building Control) and the largest ‘Wiki’ style building for 2nd Whalley Range Scouts. 


In addition to his professional role in the design office Ian has also mentored undergraduates from Manchester University and undertaken some lecturing at the School of Architecture at John Moors University, Liverpool. Currently Ian has a volunteering role with Bolton Lads and Girls Club through which he provides support to children in the social care system. 

Louai Kerfoot
Trainee Structural Engineer

Having always set my heart in mathematics and languages, stumbling my way into any engineering profession came by complete surprise, but after only a mere 2 months you could have said it must have been none other than fate at play. Originally I took the offer of working for ING Design after losing a job interview at a supermarket (humiliatingly) as an “Aye g’wan then” reply that would have made my gap year a little interesting. Little did I know, 5 months down the line and here I am on a full-time apprenticeship and working towards a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering. As much as I have a long way to go in the arts of structural wizardry, I certainly won't be turning in my wand any time soon; rather I’ve grown quite attached to it.

Steven Wong
Graduate Structural Engineer 

Born in Hong Kong, I was always amazed at how tall buildings and infrastructures were built. However, it wasn’t until a huge metro station was built near my home that I realized how an infrastructure can change a community’s lifestyle. It was then that I decided I want to pursue a career in structural engineering. Fast forward 5 years and I am now a graduate from UNSW Sydney with a master’s degree in Structural Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

As a structural engineer, moving to a new country always comes with challenges such as adapting to a new system of structural engineering. However, with the guidance of Ian, I am fully confident I can settle in and improve myself.

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